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Jordan FinTech Bay, a world class FinTech ecosystem builder located in Amman, Jordan, is dedicated to driving innovation in Jordan and future-proofing its financial services industry.  By becoming a partner, you become part of MENA’s most vibrant FinTech ecosystems. 

Bridge with Like-minded Innovators


We bridge our community with our network of FinTech thought leaders through conferences and events currently comprising Blockchain, RegTech and InsurTech technologies, with more under development

Thought Leadership & Research


Gain the necessary insights from our data-driven analysis to stay on top of FinTech’s ever-changing landscape. As a partner, help inform the sequencing of research projects and their publications

Learning the Skills of Tomorrow

We are committed to the development of local and regional talent; equipping executives, innovation employees, and startups with new skill-sets to capitalize upon the opportunities created by FinTech disruption

Tap into Unique Opportunities


With our state-of-art Venture Acceleration Platform, you will access the growing number of influential players, exposing your truly innovative FinTech solutions to untapped regions. We help in accelerating growth and maximizing opportunities for FinTech ventures focused on strategic expansion

Rise Above Your Competition

FinTech  Advisory

Leverage our advisory capabilities for value-added engagement amongst our regional FinTech community

Corporate Incubation

Source talent, get better connected to the value chain, and drive digital transformation initiatives

Venture Acceleration

Diversity and creativity thrive in an inclusive environment that invites new ways of thinking, and challenges the status quo

Exclusive Publications