Corporate Incubation

Jordan FinTech Bay’s Corporate Innovation Lab offers a multi-dimensional ecosystem for corporate innovation. The program is an initiative promoted by Jordan FinTech Bay to support and promote the Entrepreneurial aspect of the FinTech Ecosystem through the adoption of the following elements: Scalability, Sustainability, and Diversity.

Our program results in improving business processes, providing connections with investors, facilitating access to financing for digital transformations, and help connect users of digital innovations across the value chain. Also, diversity and creativity thrive in our inclusive environment that invites new ways of thinking, and challenges the status quo.​

Why join us?


Partner Collaboration

Foster innovation, engage and collaborate with our regional partners


Entrepreneurship Facilitation

Facilitation of Entrepreneurship to  stimulate further innovation and commercialize business concepts


Brand Recognition

Increase your brand recognition & value 


Project & Events

Participation and branding opportunities at conferences, networking events, webinars, and hackathons

Innovation Lab

By joining our Corporate Incubation Program, one of the main benefits is to assist in Innovation Lab Co-Creation. Jordan FinTech Bay’s Innovation Lab promotes the entrepreneurial components of the FinTech ecosystem.



Inspiring ideas and projects through JFB’s thought leadership


Foster innovation, engage and collaborate with our regional partners



Promising leaders & ground-breaking initiatives


Convene networks of innovators to challenge the status quo



Ideate and incubate your projects in our collaborative co-working space in Bahrain

Increase your brand recognition & value 

Our Steps for Effective Innovation

  • Conduct cross-industry assessment of disruptive trends

  • Enable executive “immersions” in Jordan

  • Understand the start-up landscape

  • Assess potential partners’ fit with company’s innovation goals

CI pic.png
  • Engineer a structured decision-making process

  • Define specific role

  • Develop corporate venture strategy

  • Assess type of satellite companies

  • Adopt proactive mitigation measures

  • Build business case

  • Develop proof of concept and conduct rapid prototyping

  • Develop innovation KPIs and key milestones

Set up your Innovation Lab with us