Standard Chartered challenges startups to deliver an automated call centre service

Standard Chartered has put out a call to tender to fintech startups for a machine learning prototype capable of reducing the handling time for both inbound and outbound traffic through its call centres

The call for applicants is being handled through SC Ventures Fintech Bridge, established to provide startups with a direct line to business units seeking innovative solutions.

The bank says it wants to find a way of efficiently dealing with growing volumes of routine phone queries in order to reduce queuing time for customers down the line.

The ideal solution would be capable of handling calls in Mandarin, Enlgish and Taiwanese in a 'human-like voice'.

"In our experience, some of the playbacks sound too robotic and don’t deliver a humane experience to our customers. We want to deliver a human-like experience," states the bank.

Another requirement is for machine learning capabilities. "Our customers have growing needs," says the bank. "The system therefore needs to learn through the conversations. Rather than simple playback technology, we would be looking for machine learning capabilities of the system."

Successful applicants will be asked to pitch their solution on 10 May and move to a proof-of-concept stage by 14 May. "The team can decide to move straight forward to the POC or ask you to explore with them the use cases during bootcamp sessions," states the bank. "We guarantee the team who has launched the challenge are committed in terms of funding (with a limit of course)."

Source: Finextra

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